Meet Your Hosts

Alan and Alison have been in Alaska since 1999.  They moved up here to be Sea Kayaking Guides and that is how they met.  They love Seward and exploring the rest of Alaska.  Alison and Alan have a lot of knowledge and love sharing it with others.  They moved into their house in 2005 and have been working hard to build the Alaska Paddle Inn and now the Spruce House into a special place for visitors to stay.  They wanted to give people the opportunity to share in some of the activities and beauty they have all around them every day. 

Alan is originally from Cedar, Minnesota.  He is an artistic carpenter and tile designer by trade.  When he is not working, he is having fun with his little girl Vasey, kite skiing, sailing, fishing, rafting, kayaking, telemark skiing, mountain biking, etc....  He loves the outdoors.

Alison is originally is from Prescott, Arizona, but has lived in a lot of different places.  Alison is a Licensed Massage Therapist and teaches Yoga part time.  She has been studying and practicing Massage Therapy since 2002 and still loves it to this day!  When Alison is not helping others,  she is loving being a mom and teaching Vasey how to be an outdoor enthusiast. Alison when given the time away, also loves mountain biking, skiing, hiking, doing yoga, fishing, etc.....  She also loves recreating in the outdoors. 

Tonka is the family dog.  He loves the outdoors probably more than Alison and Alan do.  His favorite activities are chasing squirrels, running, going on hikes, and playing in the snow or tundra.  He is very friendly and loves attention.