Massage Therapy

My goal is to initiate and facilitate healing, decrease stress and pain, and balance your mind, body, and spirit.  Close your eyes, unwind, and relax.  Let go of any stress or pain you carry in your body.  Feel the refreshing energy of Alaska and treat yourself to a memorable massage or spa treatment.

The Mountain Massage: Combines various techniques that are customized for your needs. It is designed to relieve muscle tension, and stress, while refreshing the mind, body, and spirit.  60 minutes - $80       90 minutes - $110


Therapeutic Deep Tissue or Myofascial Release: Helps relieve chronic pain and muscle tension due to repetitive motion, stress, injuries, or structural misalignments. Finding the symptom, looking elsewhere for the cause! 

60 minutes - $90       90 minutes - $120

Hot Stone Massage: The mountain massage is enhanced by using hot polished basalt and chakra stones. The heat is very penetrating and will leave you balanced and in a state of deep relaxation. 90 minutes - $140

Thai Yoga Massage: This unique experience sends energy and movement throughout your body. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat without oil and consists of rhythmical, assisted stretched, and yoga postures. Make sure you wear loose comfortable clothing. 60 minutes - $80        90 minutes - $110


Cranial Sacral Therapy: A treatment that affects the bones of the head spine and sacrum. Very light pressure is used with an energetic approach to gently release restrictions. Great for TMJD, headaches (tension and migraines), whiplash, and chronic pain (from the head down to the pelvis).   60 minutes - $80


Seated Massage: Great for groups or people who don’t have a lot of time. Everyone can experience seated massage. 10-20 minute minute sessions available. $1 a minute


Sea Salt Rub: Choose a variety of aromatherapy salt glows that suit your needs. This treatment is highly exfoliating and makes the skin feel soft, silky and new.

45 - 50 minutes - $65       or add it to a massage for $45

Ocean Tide Sea Kelp Wrap: A mixture of green and white algae combined together to relieve the skin of daily grime. This treatment nourished, detoxifies, and tightens of the skin reducing the appearance of cellulite.  90 minutes - $130

An Earthly Experience: Since the beginning of time, mud has been used to help reduce water retention, joint pain, and some skin irritations. Lavender, rose, and chamomile only enhance its nourishing and soothing qualities.  90 minutes - $130

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Are these treatments detoxifying?

A: Yes. Massage is detoxifying especially when you add heat. That is why it is very important to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment. 

Q: Do I have to undress completely?

A: Most people do, however if you feel more comfortable leaving your under garments on, that is perfectly fine. I professionally drape throughout the entire session, respecting your dignity. 

Q: What should I do before the session:

A: It might feel nice to take a hot tub, sauna, or shower try to refrain from eating a large portion of food and drinking alcohol or caffeine. Get ready to give your body a break form the normal routine and stress from life. 

Q: Is it OK for me to ask you to increase or decrease pressure? 

A: Please do! I want your experience to be completely customized for your comfort level. It is important to communicate throughout the entire session if the pressure is too much.


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